As a member of Whitespace Initiatives Inc. I love designing and developing solutions to local problems so hit me up if you ever wanna chat.

The following are a few of the projects I’ve worked on and continue to work on that provides a positive impact on where we live. They all play a significant role in my journey as a learner. Working on such projects provides a win-win situation, I get to call the shots on the tech and direction, while others may benefit from it.

A Sharing Economy System

A web application stemming from local sustainability, social tribes and sharing economy ideas. My most prized idea ever.

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Pando Branches
This web app project focusses on aiding grassroots groups and organizations like the I helped coordinate the group for three years until I moved away. This hands-on experience will be key in building a useful solution for such groups.

PInGo (Personal Information on the Go)
In 2011 I develop an iPod Touch app for the clinical study of Susan Tupper, a PhD student at the University of Saskatchewan. Check out this posting for more information on this. It’s a great example how mobile cloud apps can be used for research.